Destination Wedding Woos

This is why planning is sooooo important. Event planning, you need to dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

Kim Kardashian’s beautiful Pairs wedding may not happen because they didn’t realize that French law requires a 40 day residency requirement prior to getting married. May 24th was the set date, but it looks like the plans will have to change.

I always thought getting married on a cruise would be the most romantic thing ever, until I learned that you can’t actually get married out at sea. The wedding has to take place while docked because you need to have a wedding license from a specific place, not out on the ocean.

So in Kim’s case it looks like one of them is actually going to have to live in France for 40 days if they want to get married there. I can see their busy schedule allowing for that so it will be super interesting to see what happens. Kanye does have an apartment there but I imagine they have apartments in many places.

So lets learn from them, before setting your heart on any destination wedding, be sure to find out how it all works first.

Bride’s Severed Head Wedding Cake

Yes, I know, it’s another YouTube video. I’m sorry, but I had to share. WOW is all I can say. I’m so not a horror flick person so this so creeps me out, but high five for being extremely original.  Two severed heads as a wedding cake.

Call me superstitious, but isn’t that like seriously asking for bad luck. OHHH and the poor guests, I don’t think I could have eaten a piece of his or her head without thinking that I may be asking for some bad luck as well.  It just keeps making me think of one big CSI episode. Wow. Not sure how I can top the originality of that wedding cake, although I would like to try, just not on the scary side of it.


Frozen Elsa & Felix Wedding Gifts

lol, I’ve never seen these videos before, so cute and funny. But is does make me wonder about wedding gift etiquette. What do you do if you get a wedding gift you don’t like? Are you obligated to keep it?

I really try to keep things clutter free and get rid of things we doing use or love. But I can’t imagine someone knowing I returned their gift, which they thought was thoughtful. I hope that people include gift receipts. It’s probably an excellent reason to make a very complete wedding registry, one with gift items at all price ranges. As someone buying for those getting married I know I would have appreciated the couple having a list of items they actually wanted instead of stressing to be creative, however I was never so creative that I would have got a baby crib for the new couple, unless of course they were expecting but still that probably should have been a baby shower kind of present. Nice one Anna and Christoph.

Facebook First?

Just Engaged Beer MugAnnouncing your engagement “the right” can be tricky when it comes to family and friends. I can tell you from experience that sharing big news, through a Facebook update is apparently wrong. Very wrong.

If you really want to share the news on Facebook right away, maybe exclude those closest to you so they don’t see it on Facebook first. But get to them fast because you also don’t want them hearing it from someone else first.

Of course, both sets of parents should probably be told first, in person if possible. Then think about ex’s that might need to be told, if you have kids together. If you were married before to someone who has passed away, depending on how close you are to their family, it’s probably a good idea to let them know.

After the immediate family is in the know, it’s time to make the public announcement. Remember that most people when they hear the engagement news will congratulate you and ask when is the big day.  And since you need to set that date anyway, it might be an idea to have your answer ready to go for when you are asked.

Creative Engagement Announcements

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all the engagement announcements on Pinterest.  Tons of amazing ideas to make the most memorable announcement ever.  If you like the beer mug idea like in the picture above, you can get your beer mugs engraved at

Engagement Announcements

The one I think I like best, I saw in Pinterest, it was an envelope and when you open it you see the couples pictures and the picture says “just engaged”. What will your engagement announcement look like, sound like?

You’re Getting Married!!!

Congratulations, you are engaged. You have found the one!

How excited you must be. You’ve probably been showing all your family and friends, your ring, and of course talking about and reminiscing on his proposal. Now it’s time to get serious, you have one big event to organize no matter what size wedding you have in mind.

I don’t want to overwhelm you, but there are so many different aspects to planning a wedding and each of those aspects has a dozen different decisions to make. The sooner you start working on them the easier it will be.

Just think about all the different  dress options, cake flavors, location, transportation, caterer’s DJ’s and so much more. Don’t be fooled by those that make it look easy, for every one that makes it look easy, I can find you, YouTube videos of brides who have lost it. Planning a big event is never easy, even for the professionals.

So where do you start? You start by getting organized, getting a proper wedding planning checklist, while you’re at it, start a pinterest board if you haven’t already and get started.

Remember that as you get started, you’re going to have tons of questions. And you should, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. Also remember that even though you may find it overwhelming, remember to take some time to stop and smell the roses. We are always trying to get to the goal and forget to enjoy the journey.

A wedding is a joyous occasion we don’t want it to stress the marriage before it even begins. Maybe that’s way Ambush weddings are becoming so popular.